Keshco have been making films for a few years. Promos for many of our favourite tunes, little comedy episodes, and Super-8 projections featuring the inspired computer visuals of Drew Walton, spliced with other period pieces to create a suitable backdrop for the band’s psychedelic live compositions. Other projections feature Andrew’s stream-of-consciousness animations, scratched directly onto the film surface to create a dizzying mix of pulsating images and themes. People lucky enough to reside in the Leicester or Finsbury Park areas can request private screenings. We can do a DVD of our best bits if you wish to watch in privacy, or even display to your houseguests. Do email for details, it’s worth the effort.

Meanwhile, Mr Follen and Mr Brain have been busy carving out niches in other people’s films: Andy has a page on talent site Starnow where you can see his list of alleged credits, and book him for showtrials, beauty contests, etc. He’s appeared… as an eco-protester! A dancer in a sweaty nightclub! A stylish churchgoer holding someone’s hand! The back of someone’s head! Most thrillingly, a tweedy radio presenter in short film “Too Much Information”, released Autumn 2011; a local news presenter in feature “The Look Of Love”, released 2013; and narrator of four in the A to Z of London series, released 2013.

bob in barbican film

Robert has likewise proved a character actor with a terrific slow-burn quality. Featured on the David Gilmour DVD live at the Royal Festival Hall (watch how he sits inscrutably in the front row, clapping at the end of each song to signify… what?), Anglia News, an episode of Trisha where he uttered the phrase “tartan bunny” in front of a million viewers, and more/less prominently in the Channel 4 “Secret History” strand, in an episode entitled “Boy Soldiers of WW1” screened in April 2004, as a shimmying postman, and a German soldier in the trenches. In early 2011 he played a baddie in short film “You & Universe”.


In a moment of live theatre, Andy and Robert appeared together one night at the Soho Theatre, during the act of Noble & Silver – Andy croaking along to a ukelele rendition of “A Little Respect”, and Robert playing a game of chess to made-up rules.  Yes they were plucked out of the audience.

You may be able to see them both in the Tony Hawks feature film “Playing The Moldovans At Tennis” – in a scene set at a Beatles convention, they walk through a room dressed as a Beatles tribute act, with girls on their arms.  The glamour!

By the way, it really is time we did a page for Johnny Cocktail, lifestyle guru/private investigator and star of a whole string of episodes direct from your friends at Keshco. Guaranteed to stop you fannying around within an hour.  Check for new episodes, plus all our promos and other clips, here:

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